Friday, December 10, 2010

Almost race day!


First day of travel! Started off with a good breakfast:



After several hours of checking and rechecking things (and finishing up school work) I finally packed up the car and started out on my road trip :) It took me just over 4 hours to get to my cousin’s in Vermont (north of Burlington so it was far!). The ride was beautiful through the mountains and luckily the weather wasn’t bad. We spent the evening relaxing and making sure we had everything we needed for the even longer leg of the trip. We also made dinner easy by making breakfast!



Up bright and early at 6:30! We headed out to the bakery my cousin works at to grab a cup of joe and breakfast.


DSC01448 Pumpkin bread and a cappuccino

By 7:30 we were on the road with 12 long hours ahead of us. We drove through the top of NY, hitting the 100,000 mile mark somewhere in there.

DSC01450 Don’t mind all the dust ;)

Then, without any issues, we made our way into Canada. I think we were driving through there for about 6 hours total. We even saw Toronto!



And ate snacks along the way



We also got into Michigan no problem (thank goodness for an easy day at the borders!). So after 12 hours (my cousin Kayla and I split driving 6 and 6) and 3 pit stops later, we finally made it to MSU at our cousin Michelle’s apartment. We were tired and starving. Michelle took us to a local pizza place where none of us proceeded to order a pizza. I got the honey chipotle chicken salad which was spicy and so filling I couldn’t eat it all. And yes I picked out the green peppers.


Followed by a stop at Insomnia Cookies where I got a Snickerdoodle. Apparently the place is open late, hence the title.


We ended our night with a drink and bananagrams. What a long, long day!




Now for the main purpose of my visit – visiting with the dietetic internship director at MSU! She was wonderful and I’m so glad that I had the chance to meet with her before applying. Once I got back to the apartment I made a big bowl of whipped banana oats but added a bit too much milk. Still good though :)



I tried to get a picture of the little bit of snow but the deck was cleaned off. It was also pretty much melted by the afternoon!

By late afternoon we had traveled back to my aunt and uncle’s house (Michelle has finals so we didn’t want to disturb her too much right now). We carbo-loaded for dinner because tomorrow is our 5k! A first for myself, my uncle, and Kayla. I’m very excited! We picked up our shirts and numbers tonight too.


Catching up with the family tonight and nursing my sore throat which developed last night. Wish me luck tomorrow!

*Sorry I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to read blogs but I will catch up early next week when I’m back home!*


  1. iv seen popchips everywhere! they sound intriguing.. are they like rice cakes!?

  2. How exciting! My little bro goes to MSU. Can't wait to hear how the race went :)

  3. I hope your 5K went well! And Insomnia Cookies sounds like my kind of place. ;)

  4. I JUST ate my first bag of Popchips (same flavor)...very tasty! Hope the race rent well!

  5. What a trip! She's lucky to have such devoted visitors! I remember Insomnia Cookies in college. Boyfriends who messed up would always deliver them to their girlfriends late at night!

  6. @ movesnmunchies: yes they remind me of rice cakes!
    @ Nicole: did you got MSU for undergrad?