Monday, April 4, 2011

Results are in

Sorry to keep you all in suspense. I’ve been matched to the dietetic internship at Michigan State University.

Do I have to start saying “pop” now instead of soda? LOL


  1. CONGRATS! I know this means making new plans, but it's going to be so awesome to live in a city that you'd other never live in. Can you live with family?

    PS - PLEASE please PLEASe don't start talking like Annette!!! hahahahaahha

  2. Congrats, Christina!!! I've heard great things about Michigan State! Do you start next fall? (And does this mean you won't be moving to DC?) :-(

  3. Congratulations! Yay MSU! Are you excited?? I can't really tell from your post haha

  4. I go to MSU (I'm undergrad in Dietetics). Let me tell you, I'm Michigan born and bred and I say soda. It's really not a big thing. However, beware on how you say "milk" and "pillow". ;-)