Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feeling Oh So Productive

This week I’m on a roll with school. I feel like I’m getting so much done! We’ve made amazing progress on our thesis, our first draft is due in a week and I’m very excited.  I even spent some extra time making up a presentation for a nutrition talk I’m giving to my sorority from undergrad. I’m not sure how many girls are going to come but I’m still happy to do it! Plus it’ll be nice to see them, I don’t really get back to visit even though it’s only an hour away.

I’m not sure if my positive mood has to do with my internship or not. To tell you the truth I cried at first. I was fully expecting to get into Simmons and stay where I am, because ya know I’ve gotten comfortable being here in Boston. But now that has worn off and I’m thoroughly ecstatic about my future 10 month stay in Michigan.  My amazing relatives (Hi Aunt Lisa and Uncle Steve!) are letting me move in with them and I’ll be commuting to each of my rotations. I even already know where my clinical placement is – Sparrow Hospital! I looked it up and it’s huge – almost 700 beds! My cousin Michelle is also moving back home and will be commuting to her grad school so we’re going to have the best time :) So I’m set and ready for this next chapter: Michigan here I come!

I also feel the strong urge to show you this meal from Sunday. It’s actually what I ate after I found out about my internship! I dipped chicken breasts in a greek yogurt/mustard mixture and coated them with Uncle Sam cereal and some parmesan cheese. It came out great! I also made some non-mayo based potato salad which was good except for the radishes (yuck!)


But that was so long ago now. Today was a pretty successful day on the food front too I think.


Steel cut oats made with too much almond milk and heated up frozen blueberries and cherries


Tomato soup and a half quesadilla (whole grain TJ’s tortilla + mozzarella cheese). Oh and an unpictured grapefruit afterwards!


Whole grain spaghetti with fennel, peas, and walnuts.

Carby day wasn’t it? I love me some good ol’ carbohydrates! :) Powers up the brain for all the nutritional epidemiology homework I was working on hehe

Let’s have a brag time just like #fitblog. Leave this week’s accomplishment as a comment! Mine is of course my internship :)


  1. YAY! Sounds like you're really getting set up for next year. When does it start? 700 is awesome! i bet they have great RDs there who will be amazing mentors.

    And HOORAY for almost having the first draft done on your thesis!!! (You'll have to share with me what you found :)

    And I'll have to try that "battered" chicken. Yum.

  2. that pasta dish looks so good!

  3. Love the pasta dish. Glad you're feeling better about the move, I'm sure you'll grow to love it :)

  4. Congrats!! Ahh cant wait till the day im ready for my internship :) I'm worried though, because theyre so competitive...trying to rack up the volunteering/experience while I can!

    That chicken dish looks amazing!

  5. I love what you did with the chicken! Yum!

    I think your internship in Michigan sounds awesome...It's always hard to move (I've done it MANY times!), but it gives you an opportunity to meet new people and learn about a different part of the country! You're going to rock it. :-)

    Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

  6. Congrats on your match! I know quite a few people who didn't get a match, so that's a huge accomplishment! Congrats!!!

  7. GO you on accomplishing so much at school :)
    I'm so jealous of the Trader Joe's goodies ;)